Homes England

1. Homes England is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. It was founded on 1 January 2018 to replace the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

2. It funds new affordable housing in England and described itself as the government’s housing accelerator. 

3. It says it is responsible for: 1Homes England ‘About Us’ (GOV.UK), accessed 14 January 2023

  1. increasing the number of new homes that are built in England, including affordable homes and homes for market, sale or rent, 
  2. improving existing affordable homes and bringing empty homes back into use as affordable housing, 
  3. increasing the supply of public land and speeding up the rate that it can be built on, 
  4. helping to stimulate local economic growth by using our land and investment, and attracting private sector investment in local areas.

4. Homes England is responsible for funding through the Affordable Homes Programme

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