National Housing Federation [NHF]


1. The National Housing Federation (NHF) is a trade association for housing associations in England.1National Housing Federation’ (National Housing Federation),  accessed 9 August 2023


2. In August 2023 nearly 600 organisations were identified as members of the NHF. 2‘NHF Members’ (National Housing Federation), accessed 9 August 2023


3. It says that its vision is  “a country where everyone can live in a good quality home they can afford.”3‘Quality of Homes’ (National Housing Federation), accessed 9 August 2023


4. The NHF:

  1. represents and advocates for its members at the national and local level, influencing government policies and regulations that affect the housing sector; 
  2. provides information, advice, and guidance to its members on various topics such as finance, governance, development, and customer service; 
  3. organises events, conferences, and training opportunities for its members to network, learn, and share best practices; 
  4. conducts research and analysis on the housing market, the needs of different communities, and the impact of housing associations; and
  5. promotes the work and achievements of housing associations to the public, the media, and other stakeholders.
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