National Statement of Expectations [NSE]

1. The Government published its national statement of expectations (NSE) in October 2020.1Government’s National Statement of Expectations for Supported Housing (October 2020)

2. It sets out the Government’s vision for supported housing in England in terms of:

  1. planning;
  2. commissioning; and
  3. delivery.

3. The guidance says it is aimed at:

  1. local authorities;
  2. providers; and
  3. other local partners.

4. The guidance is non-statutory. 

5. The Government’s intention is that the NSE will consolidate ‘what good looks like’ and empower local authorities to ensure provision is good quality and value for money.

6. It also includes case studies highlighting best practice by providers and local authorities.

7. The Government also announced £3 million to fund supported housing pilots in 5 areas.

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