SA4 (hostel)

1. SA4 is our shorthand for the fourth type of HB specified accommodation

  1. a hostel owned or managed by a council responsible for administering HB (i.e. a “relevant authority”), 
  2. where the claimant receives care, support or supervision. 

DWP circular

2.  The DWP say that this category of hostel:1DWP Housing Benefit Circular HB A8/2014, paras 29 to 30

[…] covers LA hostels that provide care, support or supervision. This relies on the existing definition of “hostel” in Housing Benefit Regulation 2(1) which is currently only used for rent allowance cases. This relies on the property not being self contained. The existing definition of “hostel” identifies properties specialising in the higher need individuals most likely to need the care, support or supervision often available in “hostels”.

While other hostels providing care, support or supervision will be covered by the first or second categories, this provision extends coverage to include LA hostels, but only where care support or supervision is provided. This is intended to cover the most intensive of provision where claimants are most likely to need protection from the benefit cap and certain aspects of Universal Credit.


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