UK Housing Review


1. The UK Housing Review brings together essential housing statistics for England (and its regions), Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.1‘UK Housing Review’ , accessed 3 November 2023

2. Themes covered include homelessness, housing investments, stock conditions, house prices, public expenditure plans, rents, and more. The website provides much of the content online, with downloadable text, charts and data in pdf and Excel.2‘UK Housing Review’, accessed 3 November 2023

3. The Review is published annually and much of its content is available online, including downloadable text, charts, and data. The current edition is the 31st edition as of 2023.

4. It is a key resource for professionals in the public and private housing sectors of the UK. 


5. The Review was first published in 1993 by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as the Housing Finance Review. The CIH assumed the lead responsibility for the publication in 1999.

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