Benefit calculators


1. Navigating the intricate landscape of benefits can often be challenging, especially for those involved in providing support to vulnerable populations. For workers in the supported accommodation field, it’s essential to understand the potential entitlements residents might have. This is where benefit calculators come into play.

What are benefit calculators?

2. Benefit calculators are online tools designed to help individuals and support workers get an estimate of:

  1. the types of benefits residents might be eligible to claim,
  2. the potential amount of these benefit payments,
  3. the potential changes to benefits if a resident starts work or increases working hours, and
  4. how benefits might alter due to changing personal circumstances, such as having a child or cohabiting with a partner.

Available calculators

3. There are several reliable benefit calculators available:

  1. entitledto benefits calculator – a comprehensive tool that factors in various situations and benefit types.
  2. Turn2us benefits calculator – another robust platform that offers insights into potential entitlements.
  3. Policy in Practice better off calculator – this tool not only provides benefit estimations but also gives insights into how one might be better off in different scenarios.

What information is needed?

4. For an accurate estimate, the following information is typically required:

  1. savings: an understanding of any savings held by the individual,
  2. income: this includes not just the individual’s income but, where relevant, their partner’s too. Payslips can serve as a good reference,
  3. existing benefits and pensions, 
  4. outgoings: regular expenses such as rent, mortgages, and childcare costs,
  5. council tax bill: This helps understand potential entitlements like council tax reduction.

Are there any limitations?

5. While these calculators are invaluable, they come with certain limitations:

  1. they’re not designed for individuals under 18,
  2. the results might not be accurate for specific groups, such as:
    1. prisoners,
    2. students,
    3. non-British or Irish citizens,
    4. individuals on strike,
    5. those living outside the UK, and
    6. those residing permanently in residential care or nursing homes.


6. For people providing supported accommodation, these calculators are an indispensable resource. They empower you to provide informed guidance to residents, helping them understand and claim their entitlements.

7. By leveraging these tools, you can ensure that vulnerable populations are better supported and informed in their journey toward stability and self-reliance.

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