1. Entitledto’s objective is to facilitate access to benefits for UK residents.1Benefits Calculator – Entitledto – Independent | Accurate | Reliable | www.entitledto.co.uk, accessed 26 October 2023

2. Recognising the complexity of the UK benefits system, Entitledto aims to simplify the process. They provide digital tools and initiatives to assist individuals, especially those unfamiliar with the system or experiencing changes in their circumstances.


  1. Benefits Calculator: A tool available for individuals and organisations to determine potential benefits entitlements.
  2. Affordability Calculator: This tool cross-references organisational criteria with client benefit entitlements to gauge tenancy feasibility. 
  3. Adviser Calculator: A product designed primarily for professionals giving benefits advice. 
  4. Additional Tools: Entitledto provides a range of tools addressing different needs, from budgeting tools to homelessness prevention aids.


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