1. Co-housing is a type of housing where a group of individuals or families live together in a shared community, typically in a single building or complex.

2. The residents of a co-housing community share common spaces, such as kitchens and living rooms, and may also share responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare.

3. The goal of co-housing is to create a sense of community and support among residents, as well as to reduce the cost and environmental impact of housing by sharing resources.

4. Co-housing can take many forms, from intentional communities to multi-generational living arrangements, and can be found in both urban and rural areas.

5. Co-housing is a growing movement in the UK, originating in Denmark in the 1960s and spreading across Scandinavia, Germany and the United States.1‘Home’ (UK Cohousing Network), accessed 29 January 2023

6. The Kingdom Co-Housing Community for Over 55s provides an example of a co-housing community in the UK, where the residents engage in mutual support and provide practical assistance to neighbouring residents, arranging and organising shared activities in the common facility, undertaking small repairs that are the tenant responsibilities, helping with decorating and housekeeping, and running the finances for local budgets.2Kingdom’s Co-Housing Community Explained – Earlsgate Scone’, accessed 29 January 2023 

7. Co-housing can be tailored to suit different needs, such as providing safe spaces for residents to live and socialise, promoting sustainability by sharing resources, and creating a sense of community through decision-making and reducing the chances of isolation.3jamescarson2014, ‘Co-Housing: The Promises and the Pitfalls’, The Knowledge Exchange Blog, 6 June 2022, accessed 29 January 2023

8. Co-housing groups are identified as one of the types of small housing providers in the LSE Housing and Communities report: Keeping Communities Together. 4Benton E, Russell R and Power A, ‘Keeping Communities Together: How Smaller Social Landlords and Community-Led Housing Can Provide Affordable, Secure, Local Accommodation for Communities in Need’

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