Incident log


1. An incident log is an essential management tool used to document and keep track of significant events that occur within a unit of supported accommodation.

Types of incidents recorded

2. These may include anything from minor issues such as building maintenance problems to major incidents like accidents or emergencies.

Information recorded in the log

3. The log is used to record:

  1. the nature of the incident,
  2. the date and time it occurred, and
  3. the actions taken by staff to address the situation.

Benefits of maintaining an accurate incident log

4. It allows staff to report incidents to management and helps them keep track of trends in incidents that may require specific interventions or staff training.

5. The incident log provides a central repository for all recorded incidents, which can be used for future investigations, insurance purposes, or legal proceedings.


6. By maintaining an accurate incident log, supported housing providers can ensure that residents are provided with good quality housing and support and that their staff are well-equipped to deal with any situation that may arise.

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