Pension age


1. You are a pension age claimant if you are at or over state pension age. The state pension age is now 66 or over.

2.  Pension age was 65 on 6th December 2018 and rose to 66 on 6th September 2020.  


3. You also have a pension age claim if you are a couple and (from 15th May 2019) both of you are of or over pension age. 

Significance for HB/UC

4. If you are of pension age HB helps you pay your rent.  UC is for working age claimants. 

5. If you are of working age UC helps you meet your living needs and for renters of working age in general needs rented housing  it helps you pay your rent.

6. Working age renters in specified (supported) accommodation continue to get help with their rent through the HB scheme. 







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