Scottish Housing Regulator [SHR]

1. SHR is a Non-Ministerial Department. It is directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament.

Statutory objective

2. The SHR’s statutory objective is to safeguard and promote the interests of current and future tenants, homeless people and other service users.1Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, s 2 

3. The SHR is required to:

  1. monitor, assess and report regularly on:
    1. social landlords’ performance of housing activities; and
    2. RSLs’ financial well-being and standards of governance and
  2. intervene where appropriate.

Register of social landlords

4. SHR must keep a register of social landlords.2Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, s 20(1)

5. Neither local authority landlords nor local authorities which provide housing services are included in the register.3Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, s 20(2)

6. The public Register can be viewed here

Directory of Social Landlords

7. The SHR also provides a directory of social landlords which holds details of all social landlords, both Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and local authorities.4Scottish Housing Regulator, ‘The Directory of Social Landlords’,  accessed 11 July 2019 

Regulatory powers

8. SHR a range of regulatory powers to deliver its statutory objective. It can:

  1. use its inquiry powers to obtain the information and assurance it needs from landlords, assess risks and investigate problems;
  2. set standards of governance and financial management for RSLs;
  3. monitor and report on landlords’ performance in achieving the outcomes and standards in the Scottish Social Housing Charter;
  4. use its intervention powers to secure landlord improvement and protect the interest of tenants, homeless people and other service users;
  5. require RSLs to seek its consent to certain types of organisational change and disposals;
  6. set registration and de-registration criteria for RSLs.


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