National Audit Office investigation into supported housing

1. In December 2022 the National Audit Office announced a new investigation into the lack of oversight of supported housing – particularly ‘exempt accommodation’ as well as the increasing amount of public money being spent on its provision.1National Audit Office, 8 December 2022, Supported housing Work in progress Scheduled: Spring 2023 | last accessed: 14 December 2022 This occurred in response to concerns expressed by a number of parliamentary committees.2Correspondence between NAO and parliamentary committees, 13 October 2022 | last accessed: 14 December 2022

2. The National Office Audit will set out the facts regarding how the supported housing system is set up and working in practice and how the government oversees it. 

3. More specifically, it will set out:

  1. the types of supported housing
  2. the amount of central and local government money being spent on supported housing
  3. the numbers of people living in supported housing
  4. the central and local oversight arrangements
  5. the regulatory framework and
  6. the government’s current and proposed actions to improve supported housing

4. The investigation is scheduled for spring 2023.

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